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FinTech Delegation Visit to the Journey, Tel Aviv, 22.-26.10.2017

On behalf of Frankfurt Main Finance e.V. and in cooperation with Accelerator FrankfurtEYFrankfurtRheinMain GmbH and Schalast & Partner, we organized a trip to Tel Aviv end of October for FinTech startups, representatives of the financial services industry, government and industry officials, as well as other representatives of the German startup community.

The Journey is Israel's most prestigious annual tech-conference which features start-ups and leading companies from the technology industry. All members of the delegation could gather first hand insights into the latest trends in FinTech, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, FoodTech and logistics – just to name a few of the various startup topics presented. Israel, being the “Startup Nation”, takes a leading role in many developments around these topics.

The delegation took also part in the Fintech conference “FinTech Fever” and listened various presentation from local FinTech experts. During a panel with representatives from Tel Aviv and Frankfurt, the advantages of both FinTech ecosystems were discussed as well as way to intensify the cooperation between both hubs. After the panel, several FinTech startups from Tel Aviv were pitching their businesses.

In addition, members of the delegation visited individual FinTech companies. Many of them are highly interested in developing their business to Germany, as the leading economy in Europe.

Besides EY, also the FMF members City of Eschborn and Techfluence took part in the delegation, as well as representatives of Reisebank, Teambank and DB Netz – just to name a few.

All participants were very much impressed and are very much looking forward to being back in Israel very soon.

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The Journey Tel Aviv